Text g“Previous to COVID-19, our child was showing great progress in his behavior and it was all thanks to the great analyst and technician from New Life ABA Group. Once the pandemic started, we had to temporarily halt the therapy. My child’s behavioral improvement has backtracked since. This has shown me the importance of ABA therapy and the positive affirmation it has had on my child’s behavior.”

- Anais Perdomo.

 “Since beginning treatment with New Life ABA Group, my child’s progress has been so prominent, that friends and relatives have noticed.  Our child’s behavioral success is all thanks to the team at New Life ABA Group. We couldn’t be more grateful.”
- Jennifer Cano
 “At the age of 2, my child’s behavioral misconduct began. After months of pondering, we finally decided to speak to the team at New Life ABA Group. They suggested we speak to our child’s doctor and guided us through every step leading to his diagnosis. Now Sebastian is appropriately diagnosed and being treated by their wonderful team. We are so thankful for all their continuous help and assistance.”
- Danay Luzardo


Providing Quality Behavioral Therapy Services To Children

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